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Northwestern announces injury report, uniform combination for UMass

A little Friday morning news dump never hurt anybody, even on UMass week.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Northwestern Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

After announcing their new depth chart earlier in the week, the Wildcats officially announced today in an email that they have no new injuries to report from it.

This week’s two-deep did omit Kyric McGowan and JJ Jefferson, both of whom are presumed to be out, along with Gunnar Vogel, who is officially out for the year, along with all of the other injured players that have been unlisted for multiple weeks now.

We will keep you updated on the status of those players when we know more, but for now, at least, NU fans have to be pleased by the sight of a completely empty injury report, which has been rare this season.

Northwestern also officially released their uniform combination for the matchup with the Minutemen.

The sleek purple-black-purple color scheme has been donned by the Wildcats just twice since 2012, according to Northwestern uniform expert Ella Brockway. They are 1-1 with it on, most recently keeping the HAT away from Illinois in last year’s 24-16 victory while wearing the combination (pictured above).

The Wildcats will hope that success continues this Saturday against the woeful Minutemen.