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Northwestern men’s basketball player previews: G Tino Malnati

Get to know one of the two captains of the 2019 Wildcats.

Colin Boyle Photography

Who he is:

Redshirt junior; captain; guard; 6-foot-3; 190 pounds; Northfield, Ill; walk-on

Career Stats:

Played in 2 games last season, 1 steal. 1-1 fg against Quincy this season.


Tino is Northwestern’s only player remaining on the team from the 2017 NCAA tournament run. Though the newly-crowned captain (alongside junior Anthony Gaines) doesn’t necessarily play many minutes, his experience will be a key asset for this incredibly young Wildcat team. Also, he’s a pretty effective rebounder for a wing!


Absolutely nothing. Perfect player, perfect teammate, soon-to-be perfect captain. (He could use a little work on his athleticism and verticality, though, and could perhaps stand to take a step forwards from beyond the arc)


While Tino isn’t expected to get significant minutes, there is more than one way to be a leader of a team. His experience should allow him to play a very significant role in welcoming a new class of Wildcats to Northwestern, including three talented first years and transfer Pat Spencer.

The local product only played 2 minutes last year, and will probably only see a minor uptick in that category this time around, given the struggles this team is expected to face even with their scholarship players on the floor. But he can continue to be effective nonetheless in his role both during practice and from the bench in game action.