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Relive Twitter’s reaction to the McCall news

It was an eventful Sunday afternoon on

In case you missed it, Northwestern football announced yesterday that it had parted ways with its infamous offensive coordinator and quarterback coach after 12 seasons. We here at Inside NU would like to wish Mick McCall, who has always been nothing but polite in interactions with the media and seems, by all accounts, to be a good guy, the best moving forward.

But as expected, the decision sparked a wide range of emotions/reactions from the insular Twitter world of Northwestern sports fans.

Here’s how it went down:

First, the news came out:

Lots of raw emotion from current/former Inside NU staffers, former players and fan accounts.

McCall got a warm send-off from some:

The stats don’t lie (in some instances):

It didn’t take long for the speculation to start:

Both serious, and...less so!

Reality kicked in...

What will be the future rallying cry of the NU fanbase?

Things got really weird:

Overall, it was a wild day that ended with perhaps the dumbest speculation of all. If you can’t get enough of this whole thing for some reason, feel free to indulge.

Anyways, McCall is gone. Something fans have been wanting off and on for six years finally, after an offensive bottom-out like nothing virtually any Power 5 program has seen this decade (especially in the passing game), happened. But now that everybody’s gotten off their jokes and takes, the question remains: where does Northwestern go from here?