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Witness in college basketball bribery trials says he paid NU football players

The alleged payments took place from 2010-2014.


UPDATE: A university spokesman, when asked for comment, responded:

“Northwestern University is not aware of any misconduct related to this report, however we take any allegation seriously and actively investigate. Our University and the Department of Athletics & Recreation are committed to exercising the highest ethical and professional standards, as well as upholding all NCAA rules and regulations.”

Marty Blazer, a former financial advisor who is a key witness in the ongoing college basketball bribery trials, testified Tuesday that he paid between $300 and $300,000 dollars to football players from several schools, including Northwestern.

Two years ago, the FBI publicly commented on an investigation into wiretaps that were collected regarding bribery in college basketball. However, the current trials took a turn into the world of college football Tuesday, and Northwestern was one of seven teams discussed. The other teams included are Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan, Penn State, Pittsburgh and North Carolina.

Blazer said he paid family or associates of players to convince players to remain in school or choose him as their financial adviser after turning pro. Blazer also said he never paid a college coach.

It remains to be seen what the aftermath of the comments will yield, if anything, but it is certainly noteworthy. Inside NU is awaiting a comment from the program regarding the matter and will update the story as necessary.