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Video: Breakdown of incoming Northwestern basketball recruit Robbie Beran

Our own Lucio Vainesman reinvigorated the Inside NU YouTube account by taking a look at the next high-profile Wildcat freshman.

Via @REB_0031 on Twitter

Much like Pete Nance before him, a lot of expectations have been placed on 6’9”, 210-pound forward Robbie Beran.

The Richmond, Virginia native, with a .9455 composite rating on 247Sports, will come to Evanston as a key piece in an extremely young core that will need to mature and develop quickly under Chris Collins. Beran’s length and athleticism has led to a lot of hype about his ability to both shoot the ball successfully and out it on the floor to create, but there are still questions about his length and defense.

Regardless of how raw of a talent he turns out to be, Beran will be a key cog in Northwestern basketball’s immediate rebuilding plan. So, our own Lucio Vainesman cut together a few of his highlights alongside discussion of the incoming forward’s strengths in the first of an analytical series of video content that we will be hosting here on Inside NU: