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Wildcats to wear throwback jerseys at Wisconsin

These are bound to produce disagreement.

When you turn on the TV to see Northwestern’s pivotal Big Ten West matchup against Wisconsin on September 28, something might look a little off. Announced today by the Northwestern team Twitter and Instagram accounts, the Wildcats will wear newly designed #CFB150 inspired throwbacks for their contest.

Under Armour designed a throwback uniform for each of its eleven sponsor schools inspired by a special moment in program history in honor of this year being the 150th year of college football.

This garb is certainly clean and devoid of intricacy. The white uniform will be complemented by a purple helmet and purple pants as well as grey gloves with a wildcat design on the hands. It isn’t exactly clear what moment or time in program history the jersey references, but more information may come out later.

Wisconsin, also an Under Armour school, will wear throwback threads reminiscent of early Badger uniforms for the game as well.

To clarify, these throwbacks are not replacing the beloved gothic-style jerseys which Darren Rovell uncovered in the NU equipment room and are suspected to be worn for some home game this season.

With this throwback design, your opinions likely won’t all be the same. Let us know what you think about them in the comments section below!