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Northwestern to wear classic combo in season opener

The Wildcats will break out plenty of purple for their trip to Palo Alto.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern football announced on Wednesday night that they would be wearing purple pants, white tops, and purple helmets with the classic ‘N’ logo for their Week 1 clash with the Cardinal.

The Wildcats, known in part for their distinctive, oft-changing jersey combinations, have broken out a tried-and-true combination for the season-opening matchup. According to Daily Northwestern contributor and NU uniform connoisseur Ella Brockway, the team has success in this specific getup in the past, though they haven’t worn all of the elements together in nearly two years:

The Wildcats have drawn a bit of ire in the past for going away from their classic purple, but there is plenty of the university’s primary color in this uniform set. They’ve also continued to include the ubiquitous and (in my opinion) strange stripe across the middle of the jersey shirt, adding another splash of color.

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