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Clayton Thorson’s NFL debut as told through tweets

It’s only up from here.

Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Clayton Thorson’s introduction to the NFL was...rough.

Northwestern’s former No. 18 took the field for the first time in an NFL uniform Thursday, night and was called into duty in the fourth quarter with the Eagles trailing the Titans by two scores.

Here’s a summary of how his NFL debut went down and how it will be remembered:

  1. Things started off great!

2. But things quickly turned bad. He missed a wide open receiver on a one-yard flat on his first career NFL throw.

3. And then things got even worse.

4. Eagles fans were pissed.

5. He addressed the media with class. Just some first game jitters.

6. His coach supported him.

7. The Thorson legacy lives on and it always will.

The Eagles play the Jaguars next Thursday. Time to bounce back!