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Inside NU’s bowl betting special, Part 6: New Year’s... four?

A hefty dose of Big Ten is on the slate.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, we’re back. After going 23-22 last year and proving that betting on football is most certainly not a crapshoot, Matt and I are here to give you the content that you definitely do not need. It’s the Inside NU bowl betting special, year TWO. We’ll give your our picks for each bowl game, and if you’re smart, you will choose to fade us. Let’s do it.

We back.


Avery: 17-14-0

Matt: 16-15-0

  • Citrus Bowl: Michigan vs Alabama

Alabama -7

Avery: Sure, the last time Bama played in a non-meaningful bowl (by its standards), it was trounced by Oklahoma. But even without Tua, it has far more talent and a better coach than Michigan. I’ll go with the Crimson Tide and trust Saban will have his team ready to go.

Matt: Jerry Jeudy playing for Alabama makes this game not even close. Yes, I understand that Tua is out for the game, but Mac Jones is a very solid quarterback. He had 5 other SEC offers and 17 Power Five offers out of high school. Is much of this me trying to will this into existence? Yes, but bet Bama here.

  • Outback Bowl: Minnesota vs Auburn

Auburn -7.5

Avery: Minnesota suffered a sour end to the season, but it’ll be ready to avenge its late season woes against an overrated foe in Auburn. One of the most overhyped teams of the season, the Tigers lose this one straight up as it gets exposed in the trenches and at the quarterback position. Row the boat.

Matt: I think I know the Big Ten pretty well, and I still have my doubts about Minnesota. The Gophers’ receivers are elite, but I have to ride with Auburn. The Tigers are going to come in motivated and I have full faith in a double digit win for War Eagle. Bo Nix is a strong player and has thrown for nearly 2400 yards this season. One player to watch for is DT Derrick Brown, who can be a gamechanger in his own right.

  • Rose Bowl: Oregon vs Wisconsin

Wisconsin -3

Avery: Another game in which the Big Ten team is going to outwork its opponent in the trenches, I can’t see a way in which Justin Herbert is able to lead an air raid capable of overcoming that deficit. Wisconsin has more than enough firepower to win a shootout with the Ducks, but I don’t think this one will be close. I’m going with the Badgers.

Matt: Jonathan Taylor against any team not named Northwestern is one of the best running backs in college football. However, the most impressive part of this Wisconsin team is the 49 sacks they have gotten this season. This game will be a ton of fun to watch, with Oregon allowing under 16 points per game this season. This is shaping up to be a true gritty Big Ten football game, and I am here for it. Badgers win and cover.

  • Georgia vs Baylor

Spread: Georgia -5.5

Avery: Georgia has all the talent in the world to just roll over a Baylor team that outperformed this year. The Bears may have an edge in motivation against the Bulldogs, but that won’t power them to a cover. Roll with Georgia.

MA: If you watched the Big 12 championship game you would see just how raw this Baylor team is. They are beaten down, filled with injuries (most notably to quarterback Charlie Brewer), and stand almost no shot in this game. While Georgia may have gotten blown out by LSU, that doesn’t mean much as Georgia wins and covers.