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Inside NU’s top stories of 2019

A year that started out so positively came crashing down in many ways, but allowed for its share of meaningful pieces nonetheless.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Conference-Football Championship-Northwestern vs Ohio State Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Like most are within the realm of college athletics, 2019 was a wild year for Wildcat sports. Northwestern fans suffered their fair share of disappointment, but there was plenty to be proud of mixed in along with it. And, luckily enough for us, we here at Inside NU were there to catalogue the whole thing.

So, without further ado, our top stories of the past 367 days:


“Hashtag Go ‘Cats”: The message heard ‘round the Northwestern Twitterverse, and what it means going forward

Two days after the Holiday Bowl, we talked about an uplifting message and a then-bright future.

Thorson’s Throws: One last ride

After a season of hard work and intense study, Davis Rich closed the book on one of the most impressive and important players in Northwestern history.

After years of bad injury look, Aaron Falzon got his chance and ran with it

Will Ragatz on one magical night amidst a disappointing run of Big Ten play.


Inside Northwestern’s locker room after season-ending loss to Illinois

Emotional, raw reactions from Chris Collins’ team after a bitter end to an already disappointing season.

Goodbye, farewell from the editors-in-chief

Two of the best to ever do it at this site said their farewells with a mailbag.


Northwestern’s WNIT run proved the program’s potential

Tristan Jung’s summation of a wild tournament is looking pretty prescient right about now!

Where Are We Wednesday: After the Walter Athletics Center

A deep look at the ever-fraught relationship between the athletics department and the student body that seems to become increasingly relevant with each passing day.


The face behind the recruiting wave: How Kurt Anderson is changing the “trench” culture of Northwestern

A look at how Northwestern’s new hire on the offensive line sparked an impressive group of young linemen to commit in rapid succession.

How Northwestern Softball’s freshman class has powered the Wildcats back to the national conversation

A feature on an impressive team and the groundwork that the 2019 season laid for a future that looks increasingly bright.

Northwestern lacrosse wins the Big Ten Championship

The Wildcats used a massive upset to create an impressive and important achievement.


“More than a football player”: How Ramaud Chiakhiao Bowman’s love of music keeps him centered

A phenomenal writeup on the various off-field talents of one of Northwestern’s top receivers.


The life and death of Bobby Russ

A meticulously researched, hugely important story from Davis Rich that waited a long time to be fully and completely told. A must read, even if you’ve done it once already.

Rashawn Slater’s journey from Sugarland to the top of the Big Ten

The incredible path to Evanston taken by Northwestern’s best offensive player.

Cardinal Direction: Four years later, NU meets Stanford on the brink of a new era

A lot of the article didn’t end up coming to pass, but its a well-written, superb summation of the key trends within the last five years of Northwestern football.


TJ Green and Joe Gaziano: leaders on and off the field

The impact that two of Northwestern’s heralded leaders make off the field every summer.

The HashtagIDontCare mailbag

This was very much a thing that happened.

Are analytics for losers too?

More analysis than you could ever want about two-point conversion probabilities.


Big Mick Energy: The case for Mick McCall

Things got weird in October.


An ode to the Malört bowl

And then things got even weirder in November with UMass-Northwestern.

The epic tale of the Malört Bowl

^Maybe the best piece of the entire decade.


The McKeown Family’s Journey

An incredible story from Lia Assimakopoulos, who offers a personal take on an incredible coach and what he means to his family.

Did we miss anything? What were your favorites of 2019?