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Wildcat Banter, Episode 7: Chris Bergin

As a leader of the team, Chris Bergin has his eyes set on a Big Ten title run this upcoming season.

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NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Northwestern Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

For those tuning in for the first time, you can find the other six episodes of Wildcat Banter on our SoundCloud page.

In this installment of Wildcat Banter, Lucio and Jackson sat down with Chris Bergin, starting linebacker for the Northwestern men’s football team. Bergin discussed his hopes for the season, unpacked what went wrong last year, shared many stories about his time on the team, explained what it’s like to be trained by Spanos and even read us his favorite poem at the end.

This interview took place before the news of an October 24 start date broke while the Big Ten was still anticipating a spring season. Regardless, Bergin had lots of great insight to share.

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