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Northwestern brings back the “Grape” uniforms against Nebraska

The Wildcats are going all purple — other than an homage to Veteran’s Day — for their slugfest at Ryan Field.

Northwestern football announced midday Friday that they would be donning purple jerseys, purple pants and white helmets in their third game of the season against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The Wildcats’ “Grape” jerseys are back, but this time they include a special “N” decal on the helmet to honor American veterans with Veteran’s Day right around the corner. According to The Daily Northwestern’s Ella Brockway, Northwestern football has not worn the purple pants and jersey combo since the Music City Bowl or the purple pants and jersey with a white helmet since the win over Nevada — both of which took place in the 2017 season.

After weeks in all-black and all-white uniforms, Northwestern will highlight its primary color in the battle of the NUs this Saturday.