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Northwestern-Illinois Predictions


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 30 Northwestern at Illinois

After everyone but Colin picked NU to avoid an upset in East Lansing, the staff standings just got a little tighter. Northwestern finishes its regular season in a rivalry matchup against Illinois for the Land of Lincoln Trophy, also known as the HAT. NU has won the last five in the series.

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Eli Karp: Northwestern 24, Illinois 10

Check the weather forecast for Saturday in Evanston. It’s going to be windy, it’s going to be rainy, and it may even be slushy. If this thing is comfortable late in the fourth quarter, and NU is within the Illinois 5-yard line, I demand a Senior Day handoff to Joe Spivak. HAT.

Lia Assimakopoulos: Northwestern 28, Illinois 13


Colin Kruse: Northwestern 35, Illinois 10

I’m genuinely sorry for this.

Anyway, HAT —> Big Ten Championship —> Fiesta Bowl vs. Coastal Carolina.

Daniel Olinger: Northwestern 31, Illinois 10

In short, Fitz kind of owns Illinois. HAT.

Mac Stone: Northwestern 30, Illinois 10

Please read Jack’s statement as that represents my thought process well. Thank you.

Jack Izzo: Northwestern 24, Illinois 13

Illinois hat hat hat hat hat. Hat NU hat hat hat hat hat. Hat hat hat hat hat hat hat hat HAT.

Ben Chasen: Northwestern 31, Illinois 14

A few things make me confident in a Wildcat victory against Illinois. The first is rest. When the ‘Cats take the field on Saturday, they’ll be better rested than they’ve been since their surgical deconstruction of Maryland. Simply put, bye weeks matter (as much as that may come back to bite NU next week in Indy). The second is Hat Hat Hat, hat hat hat, HAT HAT HAT, Hat hat HAT.

Didi Jin: Northwestern 27, Illinois 9

Behind a tough loss, an extra week off and some Illinois trash talk, the ‘Cats will dominate the Illini in all facets of the game on this rainy Saturday in Evanston. The running game will re-emerge with Isaiah Bowser gaining over 100 yards on the ground, and peace and order will return to the world as the HAT remains in its rightful home for the sixth year in a row.

Sarah Effress: Northwestern 24, Illinois 10

What Lia said.

Jacob Brown: Illinois 21, Northwestern 14

I very confidently predicted the Cats to win for the first time this season against MSU, only to see them collapse. I will not make the same mistake again. If NU wins this game the order of credit given should be: Fitz, Coach Hank, Jacob Brown, and then the players.

Meredith Revsine: Northwestern 28, Illinois 7

After a week off following their frustrating loss to MSU, I think the ‘Cats will be eager to solidify their spot as a top 15 team. Expect Indy-bound NU to put on an impressive defensive showing and for the HAT to remain in Evanston.

Josh Miller: Northwestern 24, Illinois 14

Thankful this isn’t the last game of the season. The ‘Cats will rebound and hope to give the Buckeyes even the smallest of reasons to fear Northwestern in the championship game.

Liam Warin: Northwestern 24, Illinois 7

In the midst of the Big Ten changing its rules to allow Ohio State into the Big Ten Championship and “ensure” them a CFP berth, the ‘Cats will come out wanting to show that last week was a fluke. Northwestern is going to show the Fighting Illini who the real “little brothers” of Illinois are.

William Karmin: Northwestern 31, Illinois 10

Milo Eifler’s words in his press conference earlier this week, combined with this being NU’s first game since MSU, will lead NU to play with a vengeance. I expect Northwestern to win big. Onto Indianapolis.

Current Standings

Among those who’ve picked all games

5-1: Eli Karp, Didi Jin, Liam Warin

4-2: Lia Assimakopoulos, Dan Olinger, Mac Stone, Colin Kruse

Among those who’ve picked five games

5-0: Ben Chasen, William Karmin, Sarah Effress

3-2: Josh Miller

1-4: Jacob Brown

Among those who’ve picked three games or fewer

2-0: Andrew Katz

1-0: Noah Jones

1-1: Noah Coffman, Jack Izzo

1-2: Michael Barthelemy