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Best Northwestern football team of all time: And the winner is...

After four arduous rounds of voting, we finally have our champion.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Was there ever any doubt?

Just like March Madness, this bracket had upsets, close calls and even a cinderella run by the admittedly under-seeded 1948 Northwestern squad (my bad on that guys, I know). But also like most March Madnesses, the end result still ended up being a victory for the blue-blood.

The 1995 Wildcat squad is easily the most famous and well-known team in program history, and thanks to all of you who voted in our bracket, they are now officially the greatest Northwestern football team of all-time.

They closed it out in another blowout, winning with by a whopping 252-41 voting margin. The ‘48 ‘Cats get the silver, and by a single vote, the 2017 Northwestern team gets the third spot on the podium over the 1962 edition.

Thanks again to every one who participated. These are very hard times, not just in our isolated sports world, but in the world at large. But we here at Inside NU will continue to provide you content to get you through it all.

Go ‘Cats!