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Pound the Talk: The Reboot, Episode II

Budget Cuts and Basketball. What could be better?

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Column Greenstein Brian O’Mahoney/Pioneer Press/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

As we continue our time in quarantine, the Pound the Talk reboot continues as well. After our first episode last week, we ventured back into podcast land. Matthew Albert, Claire Kuwana and William Karmin hosted this episode while Karmin produced it.

On today’s episode of Pound The Talk (PTT), Claire, Matt and Will dive into NU’s recent announcement of budget cuts and the implications it may have on the athletic department. Additionally, with top recruit target Patrick Baldwin Jr. including Northwestern in his list of top ten schools over the weekend, we dive into Chris Collins’ 2021 basketball recruiting class. Enjoy, and tune into BTN on Wednesday after to watch all things NU!