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Northwestern (sports) places I’ve cried

This was way too easy to write.


In honor of “times sports made us cry” week here at SB Nation, I wrote this slightly self-deprecating article to exploit my biggest talent — crying a lot — for your entertainment. I’ve had a running note on my phone of all of the places on campus I’ve cried for a long time now. So I bring to you, the top 10 NU sports-related places where my tears have been shed.

Spoiler alert: almost none of these have to do with actual games.

1. Ryan Field

Anyone who has been to a Northwestern football game at the tail end of November understands exactly why this is the first place on my list. It doesn’t matter whether the ‘Cats are winning or losing — the Chicago cold is enough to make anyone shed a tear or two (and my “game day outfits” usually don’t help).

2. Rocky and Berenice Miller Park

I was a Peer Adviser (PA) this past year, so I had to go to the new student tailgate bright and early on the first game day of the school year. There was an inflatable obstacle course, and I got stepped on by the PA racing against me. I cried, of course, thinking I had gotten a concussion before classes even started.

3. Ryan Fieldhouse

Don’t get me wrong, I love Northwestern Athletics’ “hype-up” videos just as much as the next fan. The ‘Pound the Rock’ video playing in Welsh-Ryan Arena will forever give me chills.

But when Northwestern played the new football promo video — which features players striding out of the lake in full uniform — during orientation this fall, I pretty much cried with laughter. The video was cool and all, but I can’t pretend like everyone around me wasn’t silently giggling at the idea of filming it: So you’re going to just go into the lake and keep your head underwater until you hear the cue. Then slowly walk out of the water, helmet and pads on and everything.

There were for sure tears in my eyes.

4. Blomquist Recreation Center

The first media availability I attended happened before the new Welsh-Ryan Arena was finished in none other than the lovely, non-air conditioned Blom. I am someone who needs to be on time to everything, so I was the first one there and had absolutely no idea what was going on. Tears ensued.

5. Outside of Walter Athletics Center

To make a long story short, I once made the mistake of training for a half-marathon with my friend Becca. On one of our long runs, we did not do a good job planning the loop and had to run past our dorm (the intended finish line) and by Walter Athletics Center to finish the run. I did it to myself, but I was nonetheless upset about our misjudgment. You too would cry after 11 miles on a Saturday morning.

6. The Detroit airport on my way back from the women’s lacrosse playoffs in Baltimore

My flight back to Chicago was delayed. That was it. If you haven’t figured out by now, it does not take a lot to get me crying.

7. The football team’s guest appearance during Dance Marathon

Northwestern’s basketball players also made an appearance.

If you’ve set foot on Northwestern’s campus, you’ve heard of Dance Marathon. 18 hours into standing in a tent and still with about 12 more to go, I cried when the football players arrived on stage to hype up the 1,000+ dancers. Honestly, there were multiple times I was on the verge of tears, but I picked this specific moment solely because it was the only way I could think to relate DM to Northwestern athletics.

It was also during Block 7, so it had to be number seven on the list too.

8. Running by Lakeside Field

Northwestern Athletics

One of my PA kids fell into Lake Michigan (yeah, you read that right) during orientation week. I was given the task of finding him a towel while my co-PA stayed with him, and I was crying laughing while running down Campus Drive to the nearest dorm. Don’t worry, we made sure he was okay before we all laughed at him.


Does this count? I know athletes don’t really use it, but it’s still ~sporty~, right? Either way, I cried here, and it had nothing to do with exercising.

10. Martin Stadium

Northwestern Athletics

I cried at this one while on a walk around the Lakefill at the end of my freshman year. We all saw this one coming.

We know the Wildcats have provided the waterworks at the most interesting places for some people. Where on this planet did Northwestern sports cause you to cry? Sound off in the comments.