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ROUNDTABLE: Our favorite Northwestern uniform

Let’s see which jerseys captivate our staffers.

Ohio State v Northwestern Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

We’re a little late to SBNation Jersey Week, but we thought it a good idea to give our takes on our favorite Northwestern uniforms in any and all sports (which ended up being football with only one deviation).

Colin Kruse

I’m a huge fan of the Gothic Ice jerseys lacrosse and softball sported this past spring season. Released in February, these look amazing. I’ll forever maintain that the ‘Cats should switch to the Gothics full time for all programs, and I think that the introduction of the white Gothics could be a step in that direction. Nothing against the current uniform sets the ‘Cats wear, but the Gothics are truly unique threads. On a similar note, let’s change from “Wildcats” to “Purple Haze” or, my preference, “Fighting Fitzes.”

William Karmin

Colin, I also love Northwestern’s gothic jerseys. But they aren’t my favorite. My favorite NU jersey has to be the all-white uniforms donned in last year’s Big Ten Championship.

This uniform is clean and professional, yet still has a historic Northwestern feel. It features Northwestern’s main colors with purple and white. The helmet, featuring crown purple with the white ‘N’, is epic. Lastly, the purple socks are a great change of pace to round out the uniform.

Matthew Albert

I don’t think either of these opinions are particularly controversial, but I am a sucker for a good black jersey. Specifically, I love the ‘95 black jerseys (and the 2015 throwbacks they wore against Iowa.) I think the classic look is something I love, and should be used more.

I would also give shoutouts to the USA (American flag) N on the helmets, the all-gray uniform combination, and the gothics (my other favorite jerseys).

Lia Assimakopoulos

So this was really hard for me because I like almost all of the uniforms that ‘Cats wear (and there are way too many combinations), but I narrowed it down to a few. Of course, I’m a big fan of the gothics like everyone on this site, but I think my favorite has to be the traditional purple on black.

via @NUFBFamily on Twitter

Simple and stylish with that vibrant Wildcat purple we all love. Can’t ask for much more.

Eli Karp

I’ll preface this explanation by saying that when I began thinking of my favorite uniform, it occurred to me that Northwestern doesn’t have set home or away uniforms but a litany of combinations. Every week, the jersey reveal is different, so we’re really picking our favorite combination here. It’s up to you decide whether that’s good or if you like consistency more.

Besides the gothics, there is one uniform that has stuck with me over the last couple of years. The fit NU wore against Notre Dame in 2018 met the magnitude of the game well. They kept things relatively simple, with a purple jersey, white pants and a white 1962 throwback helmet that completed the clean look. Under the lights at Ryan Field, simplicity reigned in a matchup between old foes, and I dug it.

Notre Dame v Northwestern Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Mac Stone

Don’t get too upset with me here, I’m very aware of how hot of a take this is.

With that being said, the CFB 150 uniforms Northwestern football wore against Wisconsin last September are absolutely fuego.

Northwestern v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

I’m a fan of the gothics and the gothic ices, I’m a fan of the all-whites, but for some reason these just... speak to me. Their clean, simplistic style were a refreshing break from the constant switching of uniform combos every week. It also helped that they were facing off against Wisconsin, who made the bold choice to wear tan pants that game. Plus, look at that Willie on Fitz’s sweatshirt! You can’t tell me that isn’t amazing (I get that isn’t technically on the uniform, but the player’s gloves also had the face, so that’s something).

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) jersey combination? Sound off in the comments.