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Wildcat Banter: Episode 2

Eric Smits discusses his efforts to support the Black Lives Matter movement and how Northwestern athletics has responded as a whole.

In light of a global pandemic and the absence of sports, we thought it would be a great opportunity to try something new. This is Wildcat Banter: an interview based podcast series with a new Wildcat athlete on each installment. Jackson Boolbol and Lucio Vainesman co-host each episode, taking a deep dive in the lives of Northwestern athletes and addressing their craft at hand.

In our second episode, we talked with midfielder for the men’s soccer team Eric Smits. This is typically a podcast centered around Northwestern sports, however, with respect to recent events, we felt it would be better to discuss topics that transcend sports. We sat down with Smits and tried engaging in a sensitive discourse about racism in American, on our college campus and within the athletic community as well as how we should evolve.

Smits has taken steps to help his community cope as well: “Hundreds of families have been struggling with food insecurity as a result of the combined effects of COVID-19 and the looting in the area. Along with the help of some amazing people, I have been raising money to buy essential supplies and nonperishable goods for families in need. For anyone that wants to contribute to the cause, please send money to the Venmo (@ericsmits01).”