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We’re starting a newsletter

And you should subscribe!

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

It’s pretty simple — we’re starting a weekly newsletter, and we’re calling it the Inside NUsletter. And we think you should sign up.

We’re extending our content and other things our staff finds interesting to your email every Friday morning.

So, what will be in the Inside NUsletter?

Well, it’s subject to change each week, and the college sports world is in a crazy spot right now, but you can expect a selection of our work, news and analysis, Tweets we found interesting and funny, and more.

We post articles at all times of the day, so if you want a curated list of our work, other pieces related to Northwestern and college athletics, and bits of knowledge an educated fan should know, subscribe to the Inside NUsletter below. You’ll get things you won’t see on our site or even our Twitter.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribe here, by hitting the “subscribe now” button at the bottom of the description (basically what this is).