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Daniel Olinger’s team emerges victorious in the NUFB all-time draft

The readers have spoken.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Northwestern Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

First Archie, now this?

Man, I’m on a roll. Anyways, 182 of you cast your vote on who drafted the best football team amongst the five editors here at Inside NU, and in the end you once again said that my team outclassed the others.

The Inside NU All-Time Football Draft

Positions Daniel's Team Eli's Team Lia's Team Colin's Team Mac's Team
Positions Daniel's Team Eli's Team Lia's Team Colin's Team Mac's Team
QB Otto Graham Dan Persa Mike Kafka Clayton Thorson Zak Kustok
HB Tyrell Sutton Jason Wright Darnell Autry Damien Anderson Justin Jackson
HB Mike Adamle Greg Boykin Kain Colter (???) Noah Herron Venric Mark
WR Austin Carr D'Wayne Bates Jeremy Ebert Lee Gisendaner Richard Buchannan
WR Eric Peterman Ross Lane Kyle Prater Dan Vitale Drake Dunsmore
Defense 1995 'Cats 2017 'Cats 1948 'Cats 2012 'Cats 2015 'Cats

I won with a grand total of 61 votes, meanwhile Mac finished in second with 49, Lia in third with 33, Colin “Don’t be Hatin’ on Clayton” Kruse with 24 and Eli rounded things out with 15. It was a well-fought match, but once again my clear awesomeness combined with all-time NFL great Otto Graham and the best defense in college football history (don’t fact check please and thank you) was simply too much for my colleagues to overcome.

All hail Daniel, supreme grandmaster of Inside NU fan voting competitions, and thank you to all that voted for my squad.

Please enjoy this brief celebratory video: