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The best of B1G ‘Cats TikTok

Premier morsels from everyone’s favorite government spyware.

TikTok’s rise to popularity with younger generations in 2019 was rapid. The platform’s influence does not appear to be diminishing any time soon, and Inside NU is not one to be left out of the latest and greatest online fads.

Therefore, for your viewing pleasure, in collaboration with Chicago’s Big Ten Team, Inside NU presents, a Wildcat Pictures production: the best of B1G Cats TikTok.

Potter Puppet Pals (2020)

The Potter Puppet Pals were a childhood staple of anyone that toes the line between Millennials and Gen Z. The NU women’s basketball team’s take on the Puppet Pals’ most successful video blew up on TikTok, garnering over 1.2 million views and bringing even more attention to their success on the court. The Daily Northwestern put together an oral history of the making of the video and the reaction of the featured stars to their newfound fame.

What Goes Up...

Speaking of the success of these ballers, this is undoubtedly the biggest flex Northwestern sports has ever seen. Abi Scheid tosses the ball showing off the team’s drip and catches it celebrating their Big Ten championship. If the rest of the conference wasn’t on watch for the ‘Cats before, they’d better be now — they’re defending their title with swagger and they're coming for you first.

Big Ten Zoom Meeting

This is prime Big Ten content right here. Bagging on Ohio State’s arrogance? Check. Upholding the age-old NU tradition of academic superiority over their conference counterparts? Check. Denying the existence of Rutgers as a true Big Ten team? CHECK. The sequel featuring the rest of the Big Ten can be found here.

The Gameday Grind

There are only so many hours in the day for a Northwestern student. Sometimes you have to multitask, and sometimes you just don’t have the time to get ready for the game when your midterm is on Monday, and you haven’t paid attention to lectures all quarter, but nothing will stop you from getting to Ryan Field.

Mr. Relatable

That’s it. That’s the whole video.

Virtual Practice

How do you motivate your team to keep their skills sharp during quarantine? Simple: mandatory TikToks to track their progress. It’s the wave of the future.

Dance Dance

It’s no secret that the pauses in softball games can be slow, so what’s the best way to fill the gaps between innings? According to Kaley Winegarner, it’s dance battles, obviously. Proposition: instead of a coin toss at the beginning of a football game, have the two head coaches dance battle for the ball. Better start brushing up on those moves, Coach Fitz.

A Thing of Beauty

Here’s to hoping we may return to the home of our ‘Cats sooner rather than later.