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Big Ten Saturday Gamethread

A bye week staple.

Indiana v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The fact that there’s no Northwestern football being played today is a blessing and a curse all in one. Sure, there’s less relevant content to be posted about on this site, and there’s always a small hope that the ‘Cats turn things around with a surprise Saturday performance, but by and large, NU needed the week off.

Thankfully, the rest of the Big Ten has everybody covered with a slate of five games that range from “too disgusting even for the sickos” mode (Wisconsin vs Illinois) to “crank that all 24-21 final score all the way up” mode (Penn State vs Iowa).

In place of the usual Northwestern-based Saturday thread, we offer you this post to comment on all the conference action still taking place, and really anything that’s going on in the wild world of college football.

NOTE: Please follow the site’s rules for comments and be respectful to everyone else who posts. This thread will be moderated.

Big Ten Games

Maryland at Ohio State (-20.5), 11:00 am CT on FOX

Michigan State (-3.5) at Rutgers, 11:00 am CT on BTN

Wisconsin (-7.5) at Illinois, 2:30 pm CT on BTN

Penn State at Iowa (-2.5), 3:00 pm CT on FOX

Michigan (-7) at Nebraska, 6:30 pm CT on ABC