No way to understand Chris Collins game management. Greer plays more than Young, Simmons, Beran, Williams, etc.

NU gets killed on the boards......Greer plays major minutes in first half and starts ther second half and plays most of the second half. He doesdn't score except for a fast break layup...doesn't rebound.....and doesn't defend against the 3 which Providence keeps burying against a zone management. Young had a solid first half as always and barely saw the court the second half....NU gets killed on the boards...Greer played most of the minutes in the second half. Pete Nance didn't get the ball for most of the second half until the last 4 minutes or management....Collins has been unable to stop momentum runs for 8 years and he has been unable to sustain momentum runs for 8 years. He has the best players NU has ever had...a testament to his recruiting skills.....but seems completely unable to manage their development or how they are used in games. If he continues to give Greer so many minutes this team will be certain to go on another of Colliins' patent 10game plus losing streaks.