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Send us your questions for our winter break mailbag!

Back like we’re John Wick in a Willie the Wildcat costume.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Illinois Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With both the fall academic quarter and an extremely depressing football season having both reached their conclusions, the brain trust here at Inside NU decided that a mailbag was in order.

However, much like any play involving Riley Lees against Wisconsin in that 2020 victory, this edition comes with a twist! That’s right, it’s an Inside NU mailbag podcast, which will be released on the Inside NU podcast feed later this week for your listening pleasure.

So go ahead and ask away, both here in the comments and on Twitter, either will work just fine. Keep it civil and we will try to hit every single query that you throw at us, be it the most Northwestern-specific question of all time, or something that has very little to do with the ‘Cats or their sports teams.