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NU Takes 5/11: The Mike Polisky promotion

This week’s episode focuses on the controversial hire of Northwestern’s new AD.

In this edition of NU Takes, hosts Michael Barthelemy and Didi Jin discuss the controversy surrounding Northwestern’s decision to promote former Deputy Director of Athletics for External Affairs Mike Polisky to Vice President for Athletics and Recreation, despite the number of scandals he has been part of.

Most notably, Polisky is listed as a defendant in a sexual harassment case filed in January by Northwestern cheerleader Hayden Richardson. Richardson claims that the university put cheerleaders in a position to be harassed by fans and were not given proper funding. When she came to Polisky with the complaint, he is said to have disregarded Richardson and marked her evidence as fabricated.

So, where does Northwestern go from here? What should the university do in response to the outcry to right this wrong?