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NU Takes 6/15: Analyzing the 12 team college football playoff proposition

We’re back.

Woah, what’s this? An NU Takes episode?

Returning from a brief respite, Didi and Michael are back to discuss the recently proposed College Football Playoff format. Twelve teams would participate in the playoff in this structure, the six highest ranked conference champions and six at-large teams.

The first round would see the top four conference champions receive an automatic bye into the second round while seeds 5-12 battle it out. During the first round, games would be hosted at the higher seeds home stadium.

On today’s show, your two hosts discuss whether this is overall a good idea and whether or not there are any downsides to a playoff expansion (0:00-7:07), and how this expanded playoff format could affect Northwestern’s chances to be true contenders in the very near future (7:11-10:20).

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