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Northwestern breaking out star-spangled decals for week two against Indiana State

A fitting choice for this weekend.

David Banks, USA Today

With Northwestern welcoming Indiana State to Ryan Field on the 20th anniversary of the tragic 9/11 attacks, the ‘Cats have opted in favor of donning their USA-themed helmets, adorning a star-spangled block N in addition to their usual purple jerseys and white pants in the home setting.

The white facemasks (always a fan favorite) are also set to return on Saturday, and the mixing of the purple helmet with the red, white and blue is a headwear combo the ‘Cats haven’t broken out since 2017 against Purdue, according to Ella Brockway. Back then, Northwestern was also rocking an all-grey uniform that made the set a bold and ambitious choice, and though the USA-decal is not meant to be subtle, the announced uniforms for Saturday mesh together a little bit better than those of four years ago.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Altogether this will be Northwestern’s first time wearing the USA-decals since their 2019 home loss against Purdue, and their first game wearing their purple jerseys at home since the Rece Davis-themed upset of Wisconsin.

Northwestern plays Indiana State on Saturday at 11 am CT on Big Ten Network.