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Northwestern to bring out classic combo in road opener at Duke

The white uniforms make their season debut in Durham.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

After opening its season with two home games, Northwestern goes on the road this weekend to face Duke for an afternoon game. On Thursday, the ‘Cats announced that they’ll be rocking white tops, purple pants and white helmets contrasted by the purple ‘Block N’ logo for the road opener via their Twitter account, @NUFBFamily.

The white jerseys are a staple in Northwestern’s road uniform combos, so it is no surprise that the ‘Cats will be donning them in their first road game of the year. However, according to former Daily Northwestern writer Ella Brockway, this uniform combination with the white helmets and purple pants has not been worn since a 2018 game in which Northwestern beat Rutgers:

The white face masks will be making their second appearance in a row, and, as mentioned above, Northwestern is undefeated in this particular helmet combination (note the limited sample size), which consists of a white base, purple N and white face mask.

Northwestern at Duke kicks off on Saturday at 3 p.m. CST and will be aired on the Atlantic Coast Conference Network (ACCN).