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Bye week uniform release: Inside NU style

Take note, Under Armour.

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A few weeks ago, I was tasked with writing the weekly uniform release column. I, like the rest of the fans, was excited to see what combo the team would go with, but the Northwestern Football uniform department clearly had other ideas. They took a while to release the combination, and my deadline was rapidly approaching, so I took it upon myself to design some uniforms for the ‘Cats. I used world-renowned graphic design software MS Paint for the mockups, hence the wonderful and highly professional quality. Since there’s no uniform drop this week in lieu of Northwestern’s bye week, now is the perfect time to reveal these designs in all their glory. May I present to you, the Wildcat uniforms, reimagined:

Option #1

This team seems unable to win anywhere but the Emerald Isle, so I thought we should bring a little bit of that Irish luck back to the states. If you couldn’t tell, this jersey is inspired (quite heavily) by the Irish flag. You may notice that there is not even a hint of purple. That is because the ‘Cats need all the luck of the Irish they can get.

Option #2

Sometimes I feel like Northwestern doesn’t honor its namesake enough, so I decided to change that. Complete with a fluffy tail and some cute little ears, this jersey design takes its inspiration from the spooky black cat. This team’s inability to adjust on defense is pretty spooky too, so I thought it fits.

Option #3

Ok, if these were actually done well, I think they could be very cool. Every school across the country that has even a touch of blue in their color palette has been adding some sort of powder blue alternate into their repertoire, so that’s gotten pretty played out. No school (to my knowledge, at least) has released a powder purple jersey, however, so the niche is wide open for NU. Combine the alternate color scheme with some alternate logos (“The ‘Cats” text, the isolated growling N-Cat), and I think we have a banger combo on our hands.

Drop some other uniform ideas in the comments. If the team is going to struggle on the field (1-5, 1-2 B1G) they could at least give the fans some wacky uniform combos to lift their spirits.