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The Wildcats to wear white and purple uniform combo in game against Maryland

NU saw the last win in this look in 2018.

Northwestern Athletics

Northwestern will be taking on the University of Maryland today in College Park, wearing a white helmet, white jersey, and purple pants combo. After last week’s bye week, the 1-5 ‘Cats will attempt to take down the 5-2 Terrapins.

This combo was first worn in 1963 against Illinois, where the Illini beat NU 10-9. Since then, the ‘Cats have a 3-19-1 record. All the wins were on the road, two of which were with the Under Armour uniforms.

Last year, the Wildcats wore this combination in a 30-23 loss to Duke. Prior to that, NU lost 22-10 versus Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game in 2020.

The most recent win in W-W-P was at Rutgers in 2018, where they won 18-15.

Northwestern plays at Maryland at 2:30 P.M. CST on BTN.