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Black on black on black: Northwestern primed for “blackout” night game

Northwestern hosts Miami (OH) in its first night game of the season.

Northwestern hosts its third consecutive home game Saturday when the ‘Cats welcome Miami (OH) to Ryan Field in Evanston. The Wildcats (1-2, 1-0 Big Ten) are looking to bounce back after a close loss against Southern Illinois 31-24 a week ago.

For this weekend’s uniform combo, Northwestern will be sporting the black-on-black uniform combination for the night cap against the Red Hawks, according to the Wildcats’ social team.

Hail to Purple, the unofficial Northwestern football history source, cites the Wildcats first wore black at home in 2006. In Nov. 2010, the Wildcats unveiled its new alternative black uniform that has been used ever since.

Saturday’s game is another chapter in the long history of Wildcat uniform lore. The RedHawks will witness a sea of black, which should hopefully serve as intimidation for a signature win.