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ROUNDTABLE: How do you plan to spend your bye week Saturday?

The calm before the storm.

California v Northwestern

It’s the first (and only) weekend of fall quarter without Northwestern football. What on Earth will we do?

Iggy Dowling: Shockingly, there’s only been one 11 a.m. game on campus so far, but man that bye week sleep is going to do wonders. Get up at noon, eat a nice lunch and pretend I’m not procrastinating for my Tuesday midterm. Or is in my DNA.

Bradley Locker: Watching college football; what else would I rationally be doing? This week’s slate has no shortage of fantastic matchups. The headliner is, of course, Oregon-Washington, but don’t discount USC-Notre Dame, UCLA-Oregon State, Iowa-Wisconsin, Mizzou-Kentucky and Kansas-Oklahoma State. We should have a clearer picture about the college football playoff and several divisions after this weekend.

David Gold: I’m a sucker for all things fall. With the bye week upon us, I will be enjoying the outdoors and going apple picking. The Gold family loves apple cider donuts, so will definitely be picking up some of those. Also, will probably hit up Richardson’s family farms for a corn maze and a pumpkin patch.

John Olsen: The same as every other Saturday — not watching Northwestern football.

Adam Beck: Let’s be real, midterms are coming up so like every good Northwestern student, the library will be my home Saturday flipping through notes and asking myself why any right-minded journalism major would ever take a 300-level math class.