Northwestern-Binghamton Gamethread?

Just in case anyone is looking for a place to talk NU-Binghamton, as I clearly am, here's a spot we can do that.

Been an uneven first half, with Northwestenr turning it on and, as Bill Carmody implores us all to do in all facets of our life, making shots. But shooting has been iffy early and the 'Cats have allowed the Bearcats to the line way too much in the first frame.

Northwestern Wildcats vs. Binghamton Bearcats

7pm | BTN+ | NU -18.5 | O/U 135.5

In case you're just getting here and it's HALFTIME BEER AND SNACKS time, I'm having a Central Waters (Amherst, WI) Satin Solitude Imperial Stout--the most fun you'll have with an 8% stout and your pants on--and enjoying a roast beef sandwich for dinner. Maybe some pineapple later if I feel pretty.

Almost at the 150-word count, so I'll mention that Iowa fans are the absolute worst blight on humanity.