Northwestern Combine results - a great weekend for NU

It was a phenomenal weekend for Northwestern at the Combine, as all four of their guys showed out really well.

Before I get into the results, a quick note on Relative Athletic Scores, or RAS. These scale a player's overall athleticism from 0-10 based on how they compare to all Combine performers at their position historically. 0 would be the worst, 10 the best, 5 average. Generally, multiply by 10 and that's their athletic percentile.

Adetomiwa Adebawore: Easily stole the show on the 1st day of workouts, posting a 9.85 RAS and becoming the heaviest player ever to break 4.5 seconds in the 40 yard dash. He was viewed as a 2nd-3rd round prospect prior to this, but after dominating the Senior Bowl and testing so well, he's a lock for the 2nd, and might sneak into the end of the 1st round.

Evan Hull: Posted a 9.18 RAS, with a 4.47 40 yard dash showcasing his speed and a really impressive 1.53 second first yard split showcasing his acceleration. He also tested really well in both the vertical and broad jumps, highlighting his explosiveness. He did this while weighing in at 209 pounds, which is around average for the position, and was really key for him to show he's not too small to handle the NFL. He also had a really good Senior Bowl week, and seems like a safe bet to be drafted somewhere on day 3 now.

Cameron Mitchell: He was the least athletic of the NU prospects, but still posted an 8.23 RAS, putting him in the top 20% of all CBs athletically. He was average or better across the board, and had an elite first 10 yards of the 40, showcasing outstanding acceleration. I don't know if he'll be drafted, but this weekend improved those odds, and at the very least he showed that he can hold his own athletically in the NFL.

Peter Skoronski: Skoronski probably had the worst weekend of any NU player, even though his athletic testing was good (8.65 RAS). It was still a bad Combine for Skoronski because of his weigh in. His arms measured at only 32.25 inches, which is really short. This is a problem because it lets opposing defensive linemen get their hands on you before you can get your hands on them. It's especially an issue when you're on an island at tackle, which is why most NFL teams won't look at any tackles with arms under 33 inches. Skoronski is likely going to end up at guard in the NFL, which really hurts his draft stock. If his arms were longer, he's a lock top 10 pick and an NFL OT, but now he's probably looking at something in the back half of the 1st round. He'll still be a really good guard in the NFL, but tackles are valued far more highly and thus make a lot more money.

It's not every year that NU sends 4 guys to the Combine, and all 4 test in the top 20% athletically for their position. Here's hoping these players' draft success - and eventual success in the NFL - helps NU continue to recruit more NFL-caliber athletes.

BTW, if you're wondering about former NU players, Brandon Joseph posted a 5.84 RAS, and Eku Leota did not test.