Concern about football recruiting

NU football has 7 players currently committed for the 2024, which is close to half of a typical recruiting class. Here's a list of their other Power 5 offers according to 247.

  • DL Dillan Johnson: California, Iowa State, Kansas State, Missouri, Washington State, Wisconsin
  • OL Idrys Cotton: Duke, Colorado, Indiana, Louisville, Vanderbilt
  • OT Payton Stewart: Arizona State, Duke, Oregon State, Washington State
  • OL Gabe VanSickle: Indiana
  • TE Patrick Schaller: Boston College
  • DL Callen Campbell: none
  • OL Julius Tate: none

That's... not exactly an inspiring list. More than half had 0 or 1 other power 5 offer. None had an offer from a blue blood program, with the closest being one Wisconsin offer. Otherwise it's mostly low-level Power 5 programs and a whole lot of lower-level conferences that they're winning recruiting battles against.

Granted, there is still about half of the class to fill out, including all of the skill position and back 7 players. But right now it looks like the last few seasons are having a pronounced impact on their recruiting, and that doesn't bode well for the future.

Update 06/08: NU has landed 2 CB commits in the last 2 days.
  • Jamir Benjamin: 16 other power 5 offers, including Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee, etc. Quality recruit based on the offer list, easily the best of their class so far.
  • Terrion Hicks: no other Power 5 offers.
Update 06/16: NU lands a 10th commit, DL Troy Regovich. He had 1 other power 5 offer, from Kentucky. So that's now 6 of 10 recruits with 0 or 1 other power 5 offer.