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2023 Northwestern field hockey player previews: Peyton Halsey

The captain is back.

Maren Kranking/Northwestern Athletics

Next up in Inside NU’s preseason coverage of field hockey is a familiar face. At least, she very well should be. Peyton Halsey has played in every game for the Wildcat’s over her last four seasons, and Northwestern is unbelievably lucky to return the reigning captain for another year.

Who is she?

Graduate student; midfield; from Reading, Pa.; 2022 team captain.

Career Stats

3,281 minutes over 88 games; 23 goals; 57 points; .599 SOG%

2022 Review

Peyton Halsey is a member of a very small group of collegiate athletes who have played in every single game of their career. Halsey is the definition of a staple player, which was more than evident in her senior season. As if starting all 25 games was not enough, she totaled 1,283 minutes — the third most on the midfield.

The captain is an incredibly effective player, which is why she played such an eye-catching amount of minutes. Her .625 SOG% was the highest of players with at least 20 shots, and Halsey’s 13 goals and 30 points were second to only Bente Baekers with no one close behind.

Halsey is an overall dominant player, but one area where she is an exceptionally unparalleled talent is on penalty strokes, which she recorded five goals off of. The Pennsylvania native had a particular career game against Penn State, where she scored two goals in a matter of minutes in the fourth quarter to tie the game, before finishing off the comeback in overtime with a penalty stroke. Three other penalty goals came in the postseason: a walk-off against No. 18 Rutgers in the Big 10 quarterfinals, along with ones in the Big Ten semifinals against No. 2 Maryland and in the first round of the NCAA’s against Miami (Ohio). If her senior season proved anything, it’s that Halsey will dedicate herself to every minute of every game, and it’ll pay off.


So long as she’s healthy, 2023 is the season of Peyton Halsey. With no Baekers, Halsey is primed to be leading this team in goals and points, which should surprise no one. Her last season has the potential to be marked by offensive power. Halsey will do it all and give it her all, as she always has. She may just end up being featured in every single Northwestern field hockey match in the last five years.

There is no doubt that Halsey has meant a lot to this team over her tenure — that was proven by her being named a captain her senior year. To have her return for a fifth year is no small feat; head coach Tracy Fuchs gets to return an immense talent and a proven leader.