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The 12th Man: Eric Zalewski’s journey from manager to walk-on

The undersized junior point guard has taken a long road to get to where he is today — and he’s not done just yet.

Rapid Reaction: Dreadful offense sees Northwestern fall to Wisconsin 63-48

A remarkably boring game.

More of the bad without any of the good (except for Jared Jones)

Tired of blowing second-half leads? Be careful what you wish for.

Another loss and another look at the bright side

The young core is there; the wins just aren’t.

Rapid reaction: Northwestern takes care of business against Norfolk State with 70-59 victory

The mid-major losing streak has been snapped.

Aidan’s Attempts, Week 12: Poor quarterback play doesn’t mean poor team play

Despite the win, Northwestern’s passing game didn’t see much improvement.

Big Ten Football Divisional Race Update

Illinois can win the Big Ten West.

Aidan’s Attempts, Week 11: Strides in some areas, but really more of the same

While they finally managed to get the ball in the end zone, the offense once again lacked the consistency to finish things off.

Everybody’s Efforts, Week 10: A tale of two QBs (sort of)

Johnson and Smith differentiated themselves a bit on Saturday, but NU’s overarching passing problems remain.

Aidan’s Attempts, Week 8: Ennui

Northwestern’s horrific third down passing against Ohio State defined their season-long difficulties.