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Pound the Talk: Ohio State Preview

The 1-4 Wildcats are hosting Ohio State on Friday night, and we’re here to tell you just how bad it might be.

Aidan’s Attempts, Volume 1: New number, same results

Despite a seemingly increased level of comfort in the offense, Smith was hamstrung in the same way as Hunter Johnson.

Hunter’s Heaves: Not great, Bob!

Faced with pressure after pressure and dumping it off short of the sticks repeatedly, the passing game left plenty to be desired.

Pound the Talk: Wisconsin Recap

The Wildcats are 0-2 in conference play and their offense is one of the worst in the country. Let’s talk about it!

Hunter’s Heaves: One step forward, two steps back

Johnson made some nice throws against the Spartans...but there’s a reason he averaged 3.4 yards per attempt.

Post-Michigan State/Pre-Wisconsin Pound the Talk

Brett and Zach discuss the MSU debacle and what to expect this week.

Hunter’s Heaves, the debut: Growth

Though his stat line may not say so, Northwestern’s quarterback has taken strides even over his first two starts.

Pound the Talk: Full UNLV recap

Saturday was a step in the right direction, but Big Ten play, and an uptick in competition, is now here.

Pound the Talk: Recap of the Stanford debacle

Join us in reliving an ugly game from start to finish.

Know your Northwestern football opponent, Week 10: Indiana

The Wildcats and Hoosiers have faced off just once in the past six years.