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EIC Inside NU; Basketball Scout w/ Sports Info Solutions, Former Staffer + Podcaster @ Liberty Ballers

My final farewell to a site that has given me so much

All’s well that ends with me covering a game where Northwestern gave up the Big Ten tournament record for points.

Coaching questions, lacrosse expectations and NU memories: Daniel, Mac and Ben’s final mailbag

As they said in Hamilton, one last time.

BREAKING: Veronica Burton named a third-team AP All-American

A well-deserved honor for one of the greatest athletes to ever come through Evanston.

Q&A with NBA Draft Expert Ben Pfiefer on Northwestern’s Pete Nance

Could No. 22 hear his name called in June?

Northwestern made progress in 2022, but it wasn’t nearly enough

A brutal end to a season of missed opportunity.

Down 14 at half with the season on the line, Northwestern finally got its moment

The team whose close game screw-ups have always made them the butt of jokes finally came through at the right time.

BREAKING: Northwestern’s Ryan Deakin wins third consecutive Big Ten title

Just another historic feat for one of the University’s greatest athletes in recent memory.

A horrible missed call, an invested young fan, and a million memes: The story of the Crying Northwestern Kid

Y’all remember what it was like to watch the ‘Cats in the Big Dance?

Rapid Reaction: Iowa stomps Northwestern 82-61

We have run out of silver linings.

Rapid Reaction: Northwestern dominates against Nebraska in 77-65 win

Ireland next, corn people.