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EIC Inside NU; Staff Writer + Podcast Host for Liberty Ballers; 1-3-1 defense is for cowards and 5'11" centers

Big Ten Football Power Rankings, Week One — Yes, Nebraska is last

Let the Midwestern football commence.

BREAKING: NUMBB lands Rowan Brumbaugh, the highest-ranked commit in program history

News big enough for basketball to steal our attention just a few days before football season begins.

Disparity scores and the utter weirdness that is Northwestern football

What even is this team?

Is it possible that Pat Fitzgerald becomes a 30-year head coach at Northwestern?

The feat has been accomplished just thrice in college football history.

BREAKING: Hunter Johnson named Northwestern’s week one starter at quarterback

The former five-star recruit is getting another shot at QB for the ‘Cats.

Five even dumber college football realignment ideas

Clearly someone has too much time on their hands.

FILM ROOM — It’s time for a Ryan Hilinski breakdown

The former South Carolina quarterback needs little introduction.

End of July Mailbag — Let the football predictions commence!

Pretty clear that everyone is itching for the season to start.

ATTENTION — Send in your end of the month mailbag questions here!

Trying something new this time around!

Northwestern football’s most important players — No. 1 Ryan Hilinski

At last, the South Carolina product that everyone has been talking about this offseason.