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EIC Inside NU; Basketball Scout w/ Sports Info Solutions, Former Staffer + Podcaster @ Liberty Ballers

Another lead, another loss — why does this keep happening?

Somehow this one stung even more than the defeats of years prior.

Basketball Film Fix: Chris Collins’ trademark inbounds play

Get your 2022 started with another breakdown of Wildcat basketball.

BREAKING: Brandon Joseph has entered the transfer portal

Code Red everybody.

Basketball Film Fix: Robbie Beran’s weird but awesome skill

The junior forward has developed quite the niche skill here in 2021.

MAILBAG PODCAST: Ranking Big Ten jobs, the new Welsh-Ryan Arena and so much more

Don’t worry, we only let Ben bring up the Chiefs a couple of times.

BREAKING: Quarterback prospect Jack Lausch commits to Northwestern

How many quarterbacks are you allowed to have in your position room?

Send us your questions for our winter break mailbag!

Back like we’re John Wick in a Willie the Wildcat costume.

Three takeaways from Northwestern’s 61-49 win over Wisconsin

It’s really hard to not mention Veronica Burton in these pieces.

Bad seasons will happen, but they shouldn’t happen like this

A final note on a horrible, no-good, very bad season.

HAT: Hat hat hat hat hat hat, hat hat hat