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Rock Fight, Episode 14: This is March

Three more regular season games, but a wide range of outcomes.

Rock Fight, Episode 13: Hitting the homestretch on the road

Some good, some bad.

Rock Fight, Episode 12: On the road they go

An eventful week across the board.

Rock Fight, Episode 11: Northwestern forced a rock fight!

The ‘Cats had a wild close to the month of January, and an eventful start to February.

Even in tough loss, Northwestern shows why it has potential to be special

Regardless of the result, what the Wildcats did Wednesday night was no easy feat.

Rock Fight, Episode 10: Two Wooden Award winners in two hours

Wednesday could be a historic day.

Rock Fight, Episode 9: If you build it, they will come

Welsh-Ryan Arena is a house of magic.

Rock Fight, Episode 7: Looking at Lincoln

A big one out west today for the ‘Cats.

Rock Fight, Episode 6: A busy week headlined by two trips to Madison

Do the ‘Cats even believe in a rock fight anymore?

Rock Fight, Episode 5: A rude awakening to the New Year, and a loud one to follow

A big weekend coming up.