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Rapid Reaction: Northwestern holds on at home, beats Wisconsin 61-49

Getting conference play started on the right note.

Five takeaways from the 2021 Northwestern football season

Changes are clearly needed.

Rapid Reaction: Northwestern falls 32-14 to Purdue in Wildcat Classic

At least they sort of lost in style.

Rapid Reaction: Northwestern survives scare against New Orleans, pulls away late with 83-67 victory


Three takeaways from Northwestern’s win over Eastern Illinois

It wasn’t Merrimack.

NU Takes: Basketball preview and are we with the Marty Party?

It’s hard to have high hopes for men’s basketball.

Northwestern in the NFL: Blowout losses for both the LA and Cleveland alumni centers

Dean Lowry sack, anyone?

Why Northwestern will/won’t beat Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights are no longer the laughing stock of the conference.

NU Takes 10/7/21: How does the rest of 2021 look for Northwestern football?

Things can only go up from here, right?

Why Northwestern Will/Won’t Beat Nebraska

It’s the battle for the right to be called NU.