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Northwestern football’s most important players — No. 9: Cameron Mitchell

The redshirt sophomore is one of the many players the ‘Cats are counting on to have a break out season.

2021 Northwestern football positional previews: Linebackers

The Irish Law Firm is hiring.

NU Takes 6/15: Analyzing the 12 team college football playoff proposition

We’re back.

NU Takes 5/11: The Mike Polisky promotion

This week’s episode focuses on the controversial hire of Northwestern’s new AD.

NU Takes 5/5: NFL Draft recap

What a week to be a Wildcat.

NU Takes 4/26/2021: Potential day three and UDFA for Northwestern in the NFL Draft

Don’t be shy, draft Peyton Ramsey

NU Takes 4/19: Paddy Fisher draft profile and how Elyjah Williams might fit in at NU

We have better backgrounds now!

Fencing: Northwestern rounds out season with third-place finish in the NCAA Championships

The ‘Cats continue to produce with the foil.

The Debut of NU Takes: NUMBB downfall, NFL Draft and Lindsey Pulliam in the WNBA

The first installment of the video series starts on a hot note.

Men’s basketball post-mortem: January: The fall from grace

The month was full of defeat, and Northwestern made sure there was some sprinkled-in heartbreak.