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Why Northwestern will/won’t beat Wisconsin

Northwestern will need to play better than it did last week, for starters.

Around the Big Ten, Week 5: Penn State makes the worst play call of 2018

Hilarity ensued.

On Northwestern, Akron and being something

After another disastrous loss, Northwestern cannot claim the only important thing in college football: relevance

OP-ED: The RPO Menace is the most serious threat to football (and America) today

Communists may be all over the place these days, but they won’t be found anywhere near Northwestern’s football staff.

Chad Hanaoka to wear No. 1 jersey in 2018

Northwestern football’s smallest player earned its biggest honor.

Know your 2018 Northwestern football opponent, Week 11: Iowa

20 years of Kirk Ferentz!

Know your 2018 Northwestern football opponent, Week 8: Rutgers

Rutgers is a football team.

Know your 2018 Northwestern football opponent, Week 6: Michigan State

The Spartans have reloaded after a ten-win season.

Bryant McIntosh to play with the New Orleans Pelicans Summer League team

The former Northwestern point guard will get a shot.

Northwestern football schedules games with Tulane, Rice and South Dakota State

Northwestern has scheduled a game for 2031!