JerShon Cobb is mounds of awesome. I own neither a green suit nor a green undershirt, but I'm about...


JerShon Cobb is mounds of awesome. I own neither a green suit nor a green undershirt, but I'm about to buy one. Cobb joins the Riddler, NU grad Craig Sager, winners of the Masters, the leprechaun from the Lucky Charms box, coolest person ever and my favorite person in the world Clyde Frazier, and, of course, Bodie from the Wire's character in Pootie Tang (1:11 mark) among the best dressed in green suits of all time. The photo comes from this profile of JerShon in the Daily, which you should read.

Watch NU Women's LAX live vs Duke


You can sorta see what's going on... I'm watching from Boston, Cats up 5-0.

The people at the Daily have clearly lost their minds


Today, I wrote an editorial about lacrosse. It takes a different viewpoint from what I had to say yesterday, so, people who were mad yesterday, read it. (I got my first positive email about a column today, so, we're clearly taking steps in the right direction.) Haven't been able to devote that much time to the blog recently, and I'm sorry about that, but I've still been pumping out NU sports content, so, I hope you enjoy it.

Column 2: NU's niche


I got my first angry email from a reader today! Well, my first from an angry reader of a newspaper article, that is. I assume some of you will have something angry to write in the comments section, so I'm posting this.

If you read one thing I write this year...


make it my first column for the Daily. They gave me 700 words to write something in the sports section, I responded by writing primarily about NBA Street Vol. 2, the greatest thing ever invented. Enjoy, it's probably the best thing I've written in months. If you're an NU student, pick up a copy somewhere to see my smiling mug on the back page.

Final NU Lax Home Game vs. Florida - Sunday - 5/2 - 1pm


I haven't posted one of these since the North Carolina game-- not because I'm less excited about this team, but because I'm ridiculously busy this quarter and forgot that this was something I was doing. I also forgot to go to the game last night-- NU vs. Virginia. Click the link above for the recap. 'Cats win 11-8 in a thrilling overtime finish, with NU trailing going into a lightning delay, then scoring the game-tying goal with 50 seconds left. Cardiac 'Cats. And I wasn't there. Sunday: #2 Northwestern (14-1) vs. Florida (9-6). It's their last game going into the ALC championship in Columbus. 1pm. Go 'Cats!

NU Lax vs. North Carolina - Sunday, 4/18 - Noon - Lakeside Field


Northwestern (#1) vs. University of North Carolina (#2) Rematch of the 2009 National Championship game. UNC just beat previously-undefeated #3 Maryland. Expectations are high. And, as Rodger's new women's lacrosse jinx-o-meter reminds us, we're up to a 41-game winning streak (57-game at home). More about what's on the line here. And the title link is a must-read profile of Coach Kelly Amonte Hiller. If you aren't excited at this point, you're not a Northwestern fan.

Ya probably heard already, but, Wrigley.

Spread Far the Fame confirms it. It's Illinois, not Iowa, like SFTF said a few weeks ago. Comment away!

The Kyle Rowley Era is Over.


Rowley has announced he's transferring. I'll get a post up soon, but, for now, let's all say farewell to our favorite comically underdeveloped 7-footer. We hardly new ye.