Bert & Ernie's Big Ten Team


My wife was watching a clip from Sesame Street the other day when I overheard this amazing thing. Relevant part is at 0:37

Favorable Women's Lax tournament draw?


With ND/Stanford, Penn State and UNC standing in NU's way to the championship, they won't have to face the likes of Syracuse, Florida, or Maryland before the final. Seems like the best draw that NU could have hoped for.

Good Night, Sweet Keg.


TKOE closed for good on Sunday. I, for one, never climbed over its fence to gain entrance, but I did (coughloseafakecough) always make sure to gain legal admittance. Pourin' a little out for The Keg tonight.

College Football Bracketology?


SBNation's doing a cool look at seeding the top 64 teams in college football--complete with auto-bids--into a March Madness-style tournament! Check it out for yourself, but NU garnered a #6 seed, facing Arkansas State in round 1, with a potential date with South Carolina waiting in round 2!

ESPN thing on recruiting needs


ESPN posted this article the other day about recruiting needs around the B1G, but this stood out to me: Biggest recruit: ESPN 300 dual-threat quarterback Matt Alviti had offers from some big programs including Notre Dame, but he chose nearby Northwestern. The Wildcats have an unsettled situation at quarterback, and as a local product Alviti could be called for by the fans if the quarterback play does not improve. Now, I know that Alviti is probably the best recruit in this class, but I consider myself a fan and are we actually disappointed with the QB play to the point of calling for Alviti right off the bat? This just seems like an incredibly naive statement, but I guess I should expect nothing less from the WWL.

John Shurna


Probably my best purchase in the history of the Internet

Full size here. 1) Olah and Ajou are huge. 2) Liberman yarmulke not purple. 3) Cobb...

Full size here. 1) Olah and Ajou are huge. 2) Liberman yarmulke not purple. 3) Cobb included. 4) Omar, Sobo, Hearn win swag smile award. 5) Cerina will break you.

"Cat nap," get it?! This is a thing that is actually happening.


"Cat nap," get it?! This is a thing that is actually happening.