March Madness is Just Coming Into View


I tell the players that they can’t relive any day in their lives and that they can’t relive the minutes of a game, so they should make a great effort, a Mount Everest type effort, to live up to their potential. Success is a communal type thing, and if we win, then everyone can be considered successful and we can move uptown together.

Al McGuire on AI Sport Predictor and the Tournament

Northwestern takes down DePaul 56-46 in defensive showcase


The Blue Demons swiped the ball from Buie coming out of the under-16 timeout, but Chico Carter Jr. couldn’t hit a shot from deep. ‘Cats reserves Justin Clayton and Blake Preston checked in with just over 14 minutes to go. Right on cue, Carter Jr. cashed a corner three over Clayton to make it a 9-7 lead for DePaul. With 13:18 to go, Buie sprinted down the floor but lost the handle yet again, forcing him to call an early timeout. Off the inbounds pass, Nick Martinelli hit a soft baby hook from the baseline to knot the game at 9-9. On the other end, K.T. Raimey nailed a three from the left corner off the bench for the Blue Demons. Langborg couldn’t respond from deep, but Martinelli grabbed the rebound and fought through contact for an and-one opportunity. He hit the free throw, making it 12-12. For DePaul, Carter Jr. slashed through the defense for an up-and-under layup. On the other end, Langborg let it fly for a deep shot from the right wing to put the ‘Cats up 15-14. A possession later, the ball rolled around the floor until NU corralled it and dished it to Martinelli under the rim, and he drew contact. No. 2 connected with a pair at the stripe to make it 17-14 midway through the half.

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The Northwestern Wildcats, with a current record of 6-1


The Northwestern Wildcats, with a current record of 6-1, face steep odds at +14000 to clinch the 2023-24 college basketball national championship, making them significant underdogs in the competition. Their upcoming game will be against the Detroit Mercy Titans, scheduled to take place at their home venue on Sunday, December 10th, at 2:00 PM ET.

Saludos de Navidad 2023

Fickell on Bryant Criticism and Pressure


"I think Dez got a lot of scrutiny from inside the program. Whether it was his freshman, sophomore, or junior year, and that was coming from him as well. After last week, I did feel like, 'oh, maybe I need to pay attention a little more.' Make sure I understand what our guys are going through. I did pay a little bit more attention, I grabbed him (Bryant) and just made sure he knows how much we appreciate what it is that he does." -Luke Fickell

NCAAF Computer Picks



"Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working." . . .

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Any other NU sports card collectors out there?


Any other sports card collectors out there?

Fitz says O'Bannon is a "colossal waste of our time"

"It's really just, I think, a colossal waste of our time."

I want to make clear that Fitz is very pro-NCAA change. He's not a fan of a lot of the rules. But he's also against change that comes from outside the system, even though that's really the only substantive change we've seen.

I know Fitz wants to see change in college sports, and he even said he wants to see it across the board, not just in college football. But to dismiss the entire O'Bannon lawsuit as a waste of time is short-sighted — whether he agrees with it or not — considering the lawsuit caused the NCAA to be considered a cartel in violation of antitrust. We'll continue to see this attitude from Fitz, but regardless of intent, he's going to be heavily criticized for characterizing substantive change as a waste of time.

It's also a credit to Pat Fitzgerald and the late Randy Walker at Northwestern...Once may be a...


It's also a credit to Pat Fitzgerald and the late Randy Walker at Northwestern...Once may be a random occurrence, and twice a coincidence, but if three is a trend, nine is gospel. Northwestern wins close games."

Hawkeye State, from BHGP, on Pythagorean Win Expectations, something we've seen written about a lot as a boon/crutch for NU... but interesting to see from our buddies at BHGP as opposed to more objective sources.

The 6-foot, 210-pound Pennsylvania native can bench-press 375 pounds, squat 530 and power-clean...


The 6-foot, 210-pound Pennsylvania native can bench-press 375 pounds, squat 530 and power-clean 310. On a roster rippling with weight-room overachievers, the QB is all but assured of retaining the "TopCat" designation that goes to the team's best pound-for-pound athletic specimen.

Lindsay Willhite at the Daily Herald. I will not rest until the day I see Dan Persa bench press Neal Deiters, though.