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The humble hero: Former SEAL Tom Hruby plays for a cause bigger than himself

The 34-year-old Wildcat’s impact on his family, his team and his country cannot be overstated.

Andrew Scanlan: Northwestern’s Philly-tough “Bull” on the outside

The fifth-year senior could have gone elsewhere to finish his college career. Instead, he blossomed in Evanston.

Northwestern is counting on Ifeadi Odenigbo...and he’s ready to embrace it

The senior defensive end is determined to leave no doubt as he wraps up his career at Northwestern

Northwestern basketball: Cleveland big men’s Big Ten Team

Gavin Skelly and Dererk Pardon hail from The 216. We talked with their high school coaches to uncover their stories.

Remembering Randy Walker and his greatest team

The 2000 Wildcats provided us with memories that will last a lifetime

Shane Davis looks to revive NU volleyball

Davis won consecutive national championships as head coach of Loyola men's volleyball. Now, he'll lead Northwestern's women's program.

Northwestern RBs: A family striving for excellence

The ballcarriers have a special bond that they carry with them off the field and on it.

Four juniors are leading NU Tennis to new heights

The No. 15 Wildcats will play No. 4 Ohio State on Friday in Columbus with a Big Ten regular season title in their sights. One class in particular is responsible for NU's rise.

The Northwestern basketball walk-on life

Northwestern has had a walk-on go onto become a leading scorer. It has also had a walk-on quit midway through a season because he didn't feel like he was part of the team. So is the often far-fetched possibility of playing time and success worth the rigorous, time-sapping schedule?

Westphal's football journey only just beginning

Westphal was the highest rated player in Northwestern's recruiting class of 2014. His journey has been unexpectedly difficult, but Westphal's goals remain in front of him. Now, his body just has to cooperate.

Bryant McIntosh is 'the guy'... and he knows it

Joey van Zegeren: World traveler, Tourney dreamer

Basketball has taken Joey van Zegeren all around the world. Now, it's brought him to Evanston to bring Northwestern an NCAA Tournament berth.

Paul Stevens, NU, and the end of a baseball life

After 31 years with the Northwestern baseball program, Stevens coached his final game Saturday.

Selena Lasota: Northwestern's unlikely superstar

From her hometown — on an island off the west coast of Canada — to her childhood lacrosse opponents — boys — Selena Lasota's path to stardom couldn't be more unique.

Column: "Put Your Hands up in the Air" must go

Traditions are great. Blatantly manufactured traditions aren't.