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Northwestern projected starting lineup, minutes breakdown

How will playing time break down this year?

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

With so many new faces this year, it's hard to predict just how Northwestern's rotation and minutes will break down. The Wildcats will have five scholarship freshmen to mix in with the veterans in a rotation that could change throughout the season. Given what we know from the scrimmage and Chris Collins' comments, here's a look at how we project the starting lineup to play out this year, along with minutes projections for everyone.

The Lineup


PG: Bryant McIntosh, Freshman
SG: JerShon Cobb, Senior
SF: Sanjay Lumpkin, Sophomore
PF: Vic Law, Freshman
C: Alex Olah, Junior

Minutes Breakdown

Player % of available minutes played when healthy Minutes per game
JerShon Cobb 75 30
Tre Demps 75 30
Dave Sobolewski 37.5 15
Vic Law 70 28
Bryant MacIntosh 42.5 17
Johnnie Vassar 17.5 7
Nate Taphorn 15 6
Scottie Lindsay 5 2
Sanjay Lumpkin 42.5 17
Gavin Skelly 17.5 7
Alex Olah 72.5 29
Jeremiah Kreisberg 30 12